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Oath of Gold - Elizabeth Moon

The final book of the Deeds of Paskenarrion series, this covers Paks from the time she left Fin Panir, a "coward" unable to face anything and finds herself back with Master Oakhollow in Brewersbridge.  We then get to go along with her adventures with the elvish and other adventures as she evolves into her paladin's form and then undertakes the quests she must complete.

I think the only part of the book I found mildly annoying was that as soon as Paks figured out what her "quest" was, I had it solved, and I like my books to be a wee bit more difficult than that.

But we still had the fun adventuring and action and I found it a fulfilling final installment of a trilogy I very much enjoyed (except for the 5 days of torture bit, I get why the author decided to have it happen, but I wasn't so sure it needed to happen)