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The Fairy Godmother - Mercedes Lackey

I am an utter sucker for re-telling of fairy-tales, or using established fairy-tales in new and interesting ways.    This book is the first of the 500 Kingdoms series by Mercedes Lackey and I've heard mixed reviews on them, but I always like to start with the foundation book.


This particular book works with the Cinderella trope, and uses Elena (our would-be Cinderella) to show how something known as the "Tradition" uses forces to try to pigeonhole certain people into stereotypes or tropes and how the magic system in this world works.   Elena cannot be Cinderella (no prince!) so she is taken by her Kingdom's Fairy Godmother to be trained to be the next Godmother.

This is lighthearted and fun, without being overly silly, and I really like how the world-building was set up and the plot moved along.   I'll probably continue with (some) of the works in the series, because they are right up my alley.