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The Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham

I have an immense love of post-apocalyptic fiction, especially the classic stuff.  I've been around the block enough not to be terribly surprised by events, but this book still hit me pretty well.

I think that this book is delightfully nuanced - it doesn't club you over the hows, but lets them develop nicely.    Everything we had under control (farming carnivorous decorative plants, the space and weapons race) suddenly goes wrong, and we're left in a world where everything goes badly, because of what could be construed as simple coincidences.


The main character was solid, the protag's love interest (I suppose she should be another protag, but this book was written and took place in the misogynistic past) was also good and strong.

I absolutely loved the imagery of the book.   The triffids were just plants, carnivorous plants to be sure, but still, just plants.  They were the bad guy without having evil intent.   So when you see a triffid standing over the body of a boy, it makes the scene that much more sinister.


As always, one of my favorite things about PA lit is looking how people survive, and how groups make it through a bleak landscape.    With most of the population being blind, there was a different twist to this book, but one I found to be utterly believable.

I really, really liked this book.  It was well paced, well written, and overall just very, very solid.