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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel - Richard Armitage, A.J. Hartley, David Hewson

This is a retelling of Hamlet, beautifully narrated by Richard Armitage.

I know Armitage has been on stage in Hamlet before, and since it is one of my favorite Shakespearean pieces, I decided to give it a go, even though I was not all that thrilled with the authors' prior work, MacBeth.


Armitage did such a great job, that I actually managed to like the work more than I think I would have without his narration.   I still really enjoyed the work, and I enjoyed the different viewpoints and plot points expressed in this novelization.

I liked the change in characters, the outright choice of making Hamlet pretending to be insane (instead of playing the "is he or isn't he" bit out).   I liked the political intrigue and how they just fleshed out the characters in a different way than you see in the Shakespeare play.

The afterward was good, too, I really like the authors giving a bit of history and rationale behind their choices.