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Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1) - Kendare Blake I have been getting tired of all of the young adult books out, and I've been pretty much avoiding them. When amazon.com put this e-book on hella-sale, I decided to grab it, because I did like the cover (I'm a cover-whore) and I liked the write ups on tor.com.

I decided to read it because I wanted a quick read in-between my longer books, and instead of just reading this on the bus (my plan), I wolfed it down. I read it on breaks, I read it at home and I pretty much loved it.

It's a young adult, but not annoying. Cas is a ghost hunter, following the family tradition. He has an interesting adventure (and meets some cool peeps) when he goes after the ghost of Anna Korlov, Anna Dressed in Blood.

It was a good adventure. It was fun, the writing was quick and funny. It was an actual thriller with scary scenes and page flipping action. It did not end like I thought it would. Dealing with the ghosts was a little out of the ordinary and more original than I expected. Unfortunately, it does delve a bit into teen romance, but thankfully not a love triangle (gods, I hate those).

Unfortunately (barely spoilers here, but read at your own risk), the sequel seems to deal mostly with the romance fall out, and I am not interested in continuing the series (unless I do manage to get it on jumbo .99 sale). I was hoping that Cas would just spend the series vanquishing ghosts... maybe a little romantic fallout, but meh... if any reviews can entice me to read furhter, I might, but I"m sure not spending full price..

Great book.