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Ha'penny (Small Change, #2)

Ha'penny (Small Change, #2) - Jo Walton I really enjoy these Small Change books. The alternate history of "what might have been" and then what could be happening in what might have been.

I feel like this book suffers from middle book syndrome. I don't enjoy it as much as the other two, although it's a superb book. So this book < the other two, but >> most books in the universe.

We switch from the English-country-manor mystery murder scene in Farthing to London's theatre crowd. A bomb goes off, killing a some-what famous actress, and the police Inspector Carmichael is once again one of the two main characters. There is still some intertwining of characters (both big and historic, and smaller) from Farthing because the other main character in this book is on of the daughters of an aristocratic character who has rejected her place in life and become an actress. The mystery and world Walton writes is riveting and I find it easy to become immersed in it.

Along with the Third Reich and questions of "what could have been" there are a lot of social questions and issues floating around. Things to think about, which are still relevant today.

Brilliant. Lots and lots of love for this book.