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Macbeth - A.J. Hartley, David Hewson

I thought this re-telling (but not quite retelling) of MacBeth was quite well done and very enjoyable. Alan Cumming did a great job as narrator (as always).

I'm glad this wasn't just a blow by blow of the original play in a new form, as some retellings are. The authors took from the book and from history what would be very interesting and gave the characters more depth and the actions and plot a more interesting spin.

My only problem is that I could have lived without the pedophilia/child rape (yeah yeah, I know the arguments for/against, I'm merely saying I could live without the rapey bit, and now you have been warned).

It's a solid work, and it made me appreciate the story of MacBeth in a better way. I enjoyed the foreward and afterward by the authors and their rationale behind why they wrote the book and some of the action in it the way they did.