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Bite Me: A Love Story

Bite Me - Christopher Moore Vampire kitties. Narrated by Abby Normal.

I loved this book. It may be because I read #1 and #2 in the wrong order, but I like this one the best of the three books. This little set of vampire books beats the hell out of most pop-culture vampire stuff and is a hell of a lot of fun. Moore doesn't disappoint with lots of laugh out loud moments and utter absurdity.

I listened to these books, and I am so pleased that all three have the same awesome narrator. She really brings life to the characters and I think a lot of the funnier moments were made better by her characterization of the people in the book (particularly Marvin and Abby Normal).

And just as a total aside (and thanks to my career field), I've spent entirely too much time thinking about the husbandry of vampire (research) rats. Thanks, Christopher Moore, - I needed that.