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A Princess of Mars (Penguin Classics)

A Princess of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Seelye Well, it was an old school pulp novel, so, yeah 2 stars (I had an idea of what I was walking into).

John Carter, our intrepid protagonist, is a Civil War soldier mysteriously transported to Mars. Where he shows up nude and everyone else is nude (except for weapons, pretty much), so that's OK. We spend the entire book hearing about how awesomely awesome he is, from his own mouth as the book is entirely in the first person. Carter's totally awesome and gets the hot, naked red girl in the end.

Red men are horrible and savage on Earth, whereas they're awesomely civilized on Mars. Green men are horribly war-like and primitive, mostly because they are communists and non-monogamous (no, really).

So yeah, pulp. Super dated privileged white man's ('Murika!) pulp.

It almost gets another star for the Martian dog, but no.