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We the Animals: A novel

We the Animals - Justin Torres We the Animals is a story of three "half-breed" (white/Puerto Rican) brothers that grow up in a poor family in upstate New York.

It's the story of dealing with their mother and father through their tumultuous marriage and abusive household, while showcasing the relationships both in good and bad lights and their growth out of childhood.

The chapters are each vignettes in their lives, they can be choppy and disjointed, but still give an overall feeling of the relationships and lives of the brothers. It's interesting, and sometimes beautiful, but overall, I wasn't sucked into or strongly affected by the stories. I did feel like it ended rather suddenly.

It was OK. Not my usual kind of thing. To me, it has this feel of a book that someone wrote because his friends told him that his life story would make an awesome book, so he followed through. Definitely an overall "meh."