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Paleo Slow Cooking: Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple

Paleo Slow Cooking: Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple - Chrissy Gower, Robb Wolf So, I was a little disappointed with this book on multiple levels, and it drew an astounding "meh" from me.

And just to be up front, I do not agree with the "science" (or lack thereof) behind the whole Paleo eating movement (the "Real food" BS verbiage just grates). I, however, cannot eat gluten, and Paleo recipes are pretty easy for me since I don't have to worry about finding substitutes.

I love using a crockpot or slow cooker for cooking, and the vast majority of the recipes out there use wheat (usually flour) or rice (which I don't care for) or potatoes (also - ick) or whatever, and so I was hoping to find a bunch of good recipes I could throw in the crockpot when I'm at work.

This only has a few longer cooking times. Many of them are shorter and should just be done in an oven in a couple of hours. If I can't leave it cooking at work for 9 or 10 hours, then that ruins the whole point for me.

Some of the things in there aren't even "slow cooker" foods, like the kale you can "make" in 15 minutes, and I won't get into how cooking a squash isn't a recipe. It's like getting a "recipe" to make ice or cook bacon. In the end, there were only half a dozen recipes that seemed interesting enough to try, and only 1 I can leave cooking for the day.

There are a lot of very specific ingredients I had issues with, too. I like Penzeys as much as the next guy, but I question any cookbook that specifically mentions things (like Penzeys spice blends) that can't be gotten from the local store for the average bear.

And to top it off, there just weren't a lot of recipes. The pictures were pretty, the relatively few recipes easy to follow, but there was plenty of stuff about the author and her family, and I just don't care. I want the food, the instructions, and that's it, not a biography.

Overall - meh. It didn't have what I wanted, and it had a lot of what I didn't. ymmv