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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Philip K. Dick, Robert Zelazny 2 1/2?

I liked it, but not all that much. I loved the strangeness. I did not like the characters. I loved how supremely weird things are in this world, but the world makes no sense (you know, the parts that should). This has flashes of absolutely genius followed by flashes of complete confusion.

Deckard kills androids. Because they have to be killed, I'm not sure why (except that they pretend to be humans... on a planet that humans don't want to be on?). Earth has been nuked and most of the people have emigrated to Mars (if they can). Those that remain behind eke out some sort of living in a world that is falling apart into kipple. Those that are still able to leave, do their best to protect themselves from the radioactive dust covering everything. And they covet animals. real is better (since there are almost no real animals left alive), electric if they have to. And then there are a couple of bizarre religions floating around. A bunch of androids find their way to Earth, looking for freedom from their slavery off planet, and Deckard has to try to identify and neutralize them. More weirdness ensues.

Androids are getting more and more real, but they have no empathy, so we can talk about what makes people "real" or not, and the search for artificial life. Deckard spends a lot of time questioning his motives and trying to figure everything out (while still coveting animals).

The book was just overall, rather confusing, but interesting.

I'm not even getting into the movie vs story comparisons, because they are totally different entities and in totally different media. If the movie had tried to stay true to the story, I might, but this is *not* your Scott's Blade Runner. It's different, they share DNA, but that's about it.