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The Alchemy Of Stone

The Alchemy of Stone - Ekaterina Sedia This book is incredibly complex, and I'm having a hard time coming up with a good review for it.

There are so many issues all hitting at the same time. And interestingly, the whole uprising of some of the classes in this book happens as the same time of the Occupy movement, and it feels so real.

I (naturally) focused more on the sexual politics of the book. You have an automaton, not just made to serve her master, but made as a woman (down to her built in whalebone corset, so she will ALWAYS be feminine and a woman outwardly first) to serve as a woman should. It's an interesting look at a woman trying to break free of the social/physical/intimate bonds of her femininity while there's still class struggle, environmental shenanigans and so, so much else going on in this book.