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Dragon Keeper (The Rain Wild Chronicles)

The Dragon Keeper - Robin Hobb I really wanted to love this book.

I adored the Farseer Trilogy and I had a love/hate with the Liveship trilogy. One of the best parts of the Liveship trilogy, I thought, was the mysterious Rain Wilds, so I was hoping that this book would be awesome.

And it was OK. So far I like the series, and I will be continuing with it, but the storytelling itself was a little grating. There was a lot of switching between perspectives within the story, without warning, and it detracted from the story, jolting me out of my happy reading immersion. A large portion of the book was slow, and not in a good "slow because we're having to set up backstories and story tell before the story can get going" slow, but "I think I'll skim this now because nothing important is happening" slow.

I like the premise - learning more about the Rain Wilds, the scholarly society woman doing the best she can to follow her passion while being trapped in a rigid patriarchal system, a whole bunch of not-so-majestic and damaged dragons trying to survive and find their home. The story starting finally moving interestingly towards the end, and I still look forward to the next book.