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Silken Threads (Wexford Family Series, Book 1)

Silken Threads (Wexford Family Series #1) - Patricia Ryan Fairly decent little romance novel.

It takes place in medieval times and doesn't actually involve any lords/ladies/aristocracy (really). The plot is pretty simple - bastard sellsword goes to England from France to rescue a Lord's daughter from a shitty marriage. Unfortunately, he gets beaten and saved by another knight. His leg is broken and he has to recoup for 2 months til he can find a way to rescue the damsel-in-distress (who may or may not be getting slowly poisoned to death by her a-hole husband), and ends up staying with the knight's recently widowed (but hiding it) sister, who, of course, has a house near the house of the lady in the terrible marriage.

Of course, bastard sellsword has to deal with his feelings for the lady he's staying with, his own life fortune and what to do about being a bastard with no money, titles, or land

It's a bit of an homage to Hitchcock's Rear Window, and has appropriate plot twists. It was a decent romance story. It should have gotten 4 stars, but the end of the story is too quickly resolved/cheese-tastic, with a helping of "yay baby!" and that was annoying. Otherwise, a good 4 stars with penalty star.