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Sword of the Raven

Sword of the Raven - Diana Duncan This book wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was pretty decent.

Delaney, a girl struggling to clear her ex-cop brother, finds Rowan, a immortal/semi-immortal Scottish "Enforcer" (supernatural cop type) washed up on the shore.

Turns out he was being held and tortured by a dark goddess, who is involved with the people who framed her brother. Somehow Delaney's destiny is all tied up with what's going on as well.

So they join forces to kick ass, in the meantime, doing the romance thing.

The book had a lot stronger plot than I thought it would have, and the writing is good.

My only issue is that I'm kinda tired of people who are damaged and needing help (Rowan is all betrayed, Delaney is her own mess with an abusive step-father and ex-fiance (the brother's partner), who betrayed her brother).

There are some other fun characters, and plenty of fantasy.

It strongly hints at sequels - both involving Rowan's supposedly destroyed family and whatever it is Delaney's brother is up to in the supernatural world, but I haven't seen anything about that while googling it. If they were free on Kindle, I'd read them, but I'm not dying for more in the series or anything.