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A Land of Ash

A Land of Ash - David Dalglish,  David McAfee,  Daniel Arenson,  Robert K. Duperre,  Michael Crane,  John Fitch V. So I'm a disaster/PA freak. Which doesn't stop books like these from being depressing at all.

Some time, right about now, the Yellowstone caldera explodes. This book is 11 short stories/vignettes from the initial onset of the ash to some time (not too long) afterwards.

The stories are presented in something of chronological order, each going further away from the explosion point.

None of them really connect, and to be honest, none of them are very compelling. You have anything from people facing the onslaught of death at a dinner party, to people trying to survive the beginning of the ash in their homes (protecting loved ones), to people who are wandering and refugees, trying to eke out a living or just survive in the post-volcanic world.

The only story I truly enjoyed was "A Harmless American," where the tables are turned and the Mexicans are trying to keep us out of Mexico (as the US was particularly ruined).

It's not bad. I have no complaints about the writing or anything, I just couldn't bring myself to care about any of the characters or feel anything about the struggles that are supposedly taking place. I just think it's forgettable.