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The Ruby Dice (Saga of the Skolian Empire)

The Ruby Dice (Saga of the Skolian Empire, #12) - Catherine Asaro Quis is back, the amazing dice/strategy/mathmatic/political game that Kelric first played in The Last Hawk (one of my favorite books in the series) which has become one of my favorite things in the whole series, actually.

The book centers around (Imperator) Kelric and (Emperor) Jabriol, two leaders of empires at war, who are linked through some rather interesting means and history. This book is definitely not a stand alone and should not be read without some background in the series, so I definitely cannot recommend it if you haven't read previous Skolian Saga books. But if you have - Awesome, this book rocks.

All in all, very tightly plotted, well paced, and very interesting. This book doesn't have anything in the way of romance (other than people reuniting) like the other books tend to, but the political intrigue and personal stories of the people in both the Eubian and Skolian systems more than makes up for it.