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Bumped - Megan McCafferty

Another dystopian future sci-fi thing involving genders, so again with picking it up.   I added this to Mt. TBR before there were a lot of reviews, and I don't hate myself for reading it, but I'm glad it was short and easy to read.


It's written in an irritatingly ditzy teenage style, which is squarely the demographic for this book, so I suppose one would just have to put up with it.

It involves twins, Melody and Harmony (yeah, really) were separated at birth, one twin adopted by a relatively privileged family, and the other one ending up in Goodside, which is, essentially, a religious cult.   This world is in the future, people become infertile at about 18, so there is a huge sociological push to have lots of babies at an early age.   Melody's parents were the first to figure out  that they could auction their daughter's eggs, she is the Nordic perfection of blonde hair and blue eyes (smart and athletic, too!), so her bidders are looking for the perfect mate for her to "bump" with, to create the perfect child.

Harmony's cult grooms their children to become perfect wives and mothers, basking in (Judeo-Christian) God's plan, being pure, modest, and perfect like a 50s housewife.   They shun technology and the "sins" of civilization.  


The book basically opens with Melody's life and examples of how this future-baby-obsessed society runs in high school, and all of the delightful effects of the commercialization of fertility when Harmony unexpectedly showing up on the doorstep.  We're treated to lots of  examples of life and the differences between the two of them, with some "mixed up twin" hijinks.

Plot twists and teenage angst ensue, and were left on a cliffhanger for the next book of what is probably a trilogy (YA, right?)


It's not the biggest waste of time, and some interesting discussion can be gleaned from a bit of the world building if one wanted to work for it, so there is that.