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The Walking Dead, Vol. 17: Something to Fear - Robert Kirkman

So "all out war, part 1" indicating that this is going to take a couple of volumes.  Peachy.


Negan and Rick have decided to wage war on each other, which is kind of fun, in that it moves things along nicely.    This volume seems to have a whole lot of deaths, and according to the wiki, does indeed kill a lot of people.


Rick decides to attack the Saviors, the Saviors counter attack Rick, and the Hilltop survivors grow a set and actually join the fray.  Negative side?  Tiger dies, and no matter how ridiculous it is to have a tiger in a post-apocalyptic zombie landscape, it was sad.  Because tiger.


I do like that both Rick and Negan used zombies as actual weapons, and I like that everyone seems to think they "won" even though we're all aware this is not over yet.

It gets a C+.  I mean, I enjoy reading the series.  But dead tiger.