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Under the Skin - Michel Faber

Yet another one of those "I don't even know where to start with this book"

I like to cite some of the plot in my reviews, because I use these reviews to remember some of the more important points, but this book absolutely *should not* be spoiled.  It's a solid book, but better if you get to enjoy it without any previous knowledge (not that I think it's any less once you know it).


It's a true old-skool (tm) sci-fi story.  There are ISSUES and LESSON and thinky bits.   It's amazing in that one does not see these good stories anymore, the stories that take a lesson and chew on it a bit and leave you thinking more about it, more about your own attitudes, opinions, and history.


In any event, it's a mostly-well written story, wonderfully atmospheric.  The main character is someone you get to know better and better as the story goes on, someone with a lot of layer and history that you want to get to know.  The supportive characters are also all interesting and no one is one-dimensional, even though they may seem to be.


This story is about a woman named Isserley.  She drives up and down a Scottish highway picking up hitchhikers, sizing them up, and taking them "home," (as it were).  Beyond that, read the book on your own.

There is something in this book that doesn't sit right with me, and not in a lesson-kind of way, but that there was something lacking in the refinement or maturity of the writing that I cannot put my finger on.   And because I can't figure it out, I'll hand over the extra half-star for my opinion fail.