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Skin Game (Dresden Files) - Jim Butcher

So, I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail or an overly long post.    This is book #15 in the Dresden Files, and if you don't know where you are with this series by now, well, my little blurb isn't going to help.


Either you love it or like it, or are being forced to read it through forces I won't understand.


I still love the longer story arcs that this series is playing with, I still (mostly) love the growth that Dresden has, and I like that his story is doing different things rather than just making him bigger, faster, stronger every book (until he finally just becomes the universe, because seriously, how far can you go?).

I will say, that I did like this book a whole lot better than Cold Days and Ghost Stories.   I thought this book, with it's fun twisty turnings, the changes and developments with the secondary characters, the return! of Michael! and Charity!  was great.  

All in all?  I liked it a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and definitely enjoyed it way more than the two previous, so yay for rewarding my faith, Butcher.