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The Lady of the Storm - Kathryne Kennedy

This is the second of the Elven lords (or whatever) romance series by Kathryne Kennedy.  And it's not quite as good as the first book (Fire Lord's Lover), but still pretty solid.

There are cameos by characters from the first book.  The world building is still pretty solid and interesting.   England is ruled by 7 different elven lords from a different dimension, so it's a bit of alternate history as well.  


My biggest issue is with the characters.  They're not horrible, they just aren't very interesting.  So yay for giving us an awesome heroine that doesn't need rescuing every 5 minutes, and yay for a romance novel for passing the Bechdel test... but it was just three stars for me.

I don't feel like I wasted my time, I just felt a little ploddy while reading for a bit. 
Bonus cookies to myself for reading this during a hurricane.