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Ruin and Rising - Leigh Bardugo

The last book in the Grisha trilogy, and I thoroughly enjoyed the trilogy - it's all fantasy with some fun YAness and tons of Russian influence.  And we all know I love Russian influence.


This book is probably the strongest in the series.  The characters are (mostly) very well written, multi-layered, complex, and pretty realistic (all considering).   I loved the secondary characters, they were fun and interesting as well, and I felt invested in just about all of the characters in the story.  Even the Marty Stu was interesting.  My only real complaint with any characterizations is that I thought that Alina started off very strong, but then ended up very weak.

The world building wasn't any more complex than the previous novels, but by now, the landscape and foundations of society were fairly complete and we're looking at the end of the trilogy, the end of the story, and there was a lot of intense action going on.  I just wanted to spend all of my time listening to the audiobook (I'm sure if I had a physical book I would have been all over that instead).

There was a lot to like about this book.  It was a very good book, for the most part.

I know that this series has a legion of rabid fans, and I'm not big into "shipping" and worrying about who the main character would end up with (since we had a love square running), so when I say that I knocked a star off because of the ending, it's not that I cared who Alina ended up with.    Honestly, I felt like the author cheated the ending, making it more conventional and "happier", which didn't feel as satisfying as leaving it a bit messy.   It made the ending very typical (and predictable), which is disappointing.