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Finding Magic (Downside Ghosts, #0.5)

Finding Magic - Stacia Kane Pre-Downsde-Ghosts series novella featuring a student-trainee Chess Putnam.

It was pretty decent, not terribly awesome on the characterization. While I get that we were given a slightly cleaner, more immature Chess, it just didn't sit quite right. I did like that we got to see more of Chess's absolute trust and faith in the Church (and I'm just guessing, but I'm only 3 books in and just waiting for Kane to destroy Chess's love and trust for the Church which will KILL ME.)

We see that Chess has always had great insight into people and their behavior and that she's a natural rebel (which admittedly makes me yawn).

It almost got an entire extra star for Elder Griffin, because he is easily my favorite character in the series.