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Eagle's Run (Texas Passions, Book One)

Eagle's Run - Desiree Holt Meh?

Leah is the (half?) Comanche daughter of a ranch owner. He dies, leaving the ranch, not to just her, but also her (previously unknown) illegitimate half-brothers. She's upset about it, and generally gets bratty all over the storyline, even when every other character (including her own grandfather) tells her to chill the hell out, because these guys are shocked and haven't even done anything yet.

She had a dream, where two eagles appear in her sky and then she's being chased by a vulture. Dun dun duuuuuuuun!

So there's someone evil lurking about. It takes about 2 seconds to identify him.

It's a novella, so it's gleefully short. It's an Ellora's Cave book, which means plenty of sexy time (although there was more sex in this book than even I was expecting). The writing is ho-hum at best. The characters are the most one-note in existence. The sex scenes are fun, even if I am not a fan of "quivering wombs" (seriously?).

Favorite sentence has to be, "Leah jerked at the electricity of his touch, her vaginal muscles fluttering in response, the pulsation of her womb like a ferocious drumbeat."

Ferocious Drumbeats.

It almost deserves an extra star for that.