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Lyonesse: Bk.1 (Fantasy Masterworks 27)

Suldrun's Garden - Jack Vance Classic high fantasy.

After all of the werewolves, vampires, angels, and urban-fantasy, it's nice to settle down with a classic high fantasy novel.

Set in the mythical land of the Elder Isles, before the time of King Arthur, this novel has everything I needed to cleanse my fantasy palate. Good and evil knights, good and evil wizards, evil kings, tortured princesses, good heroes. Lots of magic and magical creatures and a hearty adventure weaving multiple lives together.

It is the first in the trilogy, but it wraps up the story lines it focuses on well enough.

My only caveat is this: It's an older book, and it *feels* and reads like a high fantasy some old white dude wrote. It does take place in a classic European setting with more than its fair share of raping and "erotic" activities, but nothing terribly graphic. Don't expect any progressive ideals or adventures, but sit back and enjoy the classic fun if you'd like.