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Days of Grass

Days of Grass - Tanith Lee Postapocalyptic Tanith Lee - what's not to love?

I was curious what this book would be like, because Tanith Lee does so much amazing horror and fantasy (and fantasy-horror) books, that I'd wondered how she would write a science fiction book about post-apocalyptic earth.

Apparently, during/shortly after the invasion of Earth by aliens, people went underground to survive. The first half of the book is about one of these colonies, and specifically about a non-sheeple member of the colony.

The second half is about the non-sheeple (plus occasional colonists) and the aliens in their (the aliens') city.

And of course, if you asked Ms. Lee to write "Dick and Jane", I believe even that book would have it's interesting horror and erotic moments, and so does this book. It's not a typical Lee book, but it's definitely hers.

The ending could have been sad to some, but I found it interesting, and I really liked the main character, Esther.