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The High Crusade

The High Crusade - Poul Anderson This book is absolutely silly and fun and a rollicking good time.

Is it high-literature spread with awesome twisty ideas and going to change the way you see the world?

Absolutely not.

Will you laugh your metaphorical ass off?

Maybe, I did chuckle a few times out loud while reading it (especially the "negotiation" tent scenes.

Aliens land on a field outside a Medieval village. Shit happens. And we discover what could happen when the SCA runs amok at a sci-fi convention.

Under the excellent and hilarious leadership of the local lord, and entire village packs up, and takes off in a stolen alien craft. They run amok of the alien race when the ship autopilots (with the help of a duplicitous captured-hostile). The "advanced" aliens learn that superior technology doesn't always win, and guerrilla warfare can be rather trying.

There was a little bit of seriousness with the political and economic business of trying to run a medieval-star-spread empire, but even that was light and kept the book fun.

Sure the story is dated and a little cheesy, but if you can read a story with you tongue firmly implanted in your cheek and enjoy yourself, then you'd like this book.