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The Empress of Mars (Company)

The Empress of Mars (Company) - Kage Baker Just a caveat: this is my first Kage Baker book. No, I haven't read any other Company books (apparently this isn't a Company book, per se, but part of that universe), so take what you will from it.

I thought it was a cheeky and fun book. It's about the colonization/some colonists of Mars. I like that the book is a lot of fun, and yet in some ways realistic (dealing with capitalist ideas of how and why someone would want to colonize Mars, what would happen with the politics and profits). The colonization of Mars is made both as difficult and unpleasant as it should be, but still easy enough to have a fun story that's not bogged down in toil.

There's a saloon, gangs of ranchers, great entrepreneurs, evil companies, sneaky lawyers and all kinds of crazy characters involved in trying to not just eke out a living on a harsh world, but also trying to turn a profit and make life better while they're at it.

It was a ton of fun, and I will probably repeat this book in the future.