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Railsea - China Miéville This is the second Miéville book I've read, and while I adored The City and The City, after reading several reviews for this book, I decided to skip it.

Then it got chosen for a book club and I read it anyway.

And I'm not entirely unhappy that I read it. It was a really easy read for me. I love Miéville's prose. I love what he does. I absolutely worship at the feet of his world-building abilities. But, I just could not get "in" to this story.

Yeah, it was good. Yeah, I love that this guy is totally egalitarian (especially with regards to sexual politics). I love the completely insane shit he does (Moby Dick... with moles? And you make it work? You sir - I would have your puppies), but his main character was a boring, uneventful boy.

I give people a lot of shit for only worshiping books (like Ender's Game, The Lightning Thief, etc.) that feature the one special boy who really isn't just like all of the other kids. I understand that there is a huge appeal to thinking that you aren't normal, just like everyone else... so I should love this book because it's an ordinary boy who runs amok of extraordinary people, places and circumstances, but I don't. Maybe because I like and appreciate normal, but I don't like boring.

I did like the daybat, though.