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Waiting: A Novel

Waiting - Ha Jin I'm going to start this with the caveat that I know very little about China, and even less about Chinese culture. I've read reviews where the author has been lambasted for creating a book about China that white people would be happy with, and I can see how the accusations might be correct... sadly, I just don't know enough to be able to make a call about that.

This book was just OK. It was slow to read, slow in pace. However, it was an easy, gentle read, so not terrible.

The story centers around an army doctor. He was married in an arranged marriage by his parents and is ashamed/doesn't like his wife. She's too country and subservient. While she is at home, tending his farm, he lives an abstinent life yearning for a more modern coworker/nurse at his hospital, who is completely in love with him. When he finally does get his divorce, he finds that married life with his love isn't so great after all, and starts looking back at his subservient former-wife.

The main character, Lin, is just really boring and really ineffectual. He never takes action, he just lets things happen (to him or others), which makes him a very frustrating character. He seems to have no strong opinions or the willingness to fix his life.

So the title of the book is apt. Lin is waiting for life to happen, his wife is waiting for him to come to his senses, his future wife is waiting for him to do anything to forward his life. I was waiting for something to happen.

Resounding "meh."