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Black Swan Green: A Novel

Black Swan Green - David Mitchell I thought I wouldn't like this book, but I really did, once I got past the irritating use of contractions (they did drive me batty for a while).

Jason Taylor is a pre-pubescent every-boy/kid living through some interesting experiences during 1982 in England. David Mitchell took a subject that could have been boring, and just seemed to make it interesting - everything from the hierarchical rankings of boys through parental difficulties and school bullying.

The part that had me giggling a wee bit was how civilized he believes girls are, I just want to interject and make the character read [b:Ponies|10452275|Ponies|Kij Johnson|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51PbcL4-DqL._SL75_.jpg|15268747] and get back to me.

All in all, quite well written with a possibly boring subject made interesting and well done.