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The Rook: A Novel

The Rook - Daniel O'Malley Somewhere (Audible?) I saw this book listed as a "great sci-fi beach read" or something like that. I totally concur.

This book opens with a phenomenal bang:
“Dear You, The body you are wearing used to be mine.”

Myfanwy Thomas "wakes up" in the driving rain, surrounded by bodies and has no idea who she was. She has notes to help her along the way, and she discovers that she's some sort of agent for a magical secret service agency of Britain. She has to decide if she wants to work for the agency and try to discover who or what it is that destroyed her memories while convincing everyone that nothing has changed.

There are small problems with the book (I am not so sure, no matter how many notes and letters your previous self left to help, that you could really pull off not knowing anything about yourself, some of the descriptions and some of the use of language was a little lacking), but all in all it was a light, fun read. It was action packed, although I felt the book fell off a little bit from the bang of a beginning, but I will forgive it that, because I really enjoyed it.

I loved the blending of action, suspense, and drama. Some of the little twists and turns were fun, and even if I had some issues with the writing, O'Malley has a phenomenal imagination, which made the book delightfully fresh.

I adored the sarcasm and dry wit of dealing with bureaucracy. I have no doubt that O'Malley has had to sit through as many interminable meetings as I have.

One of my favorite things about this book, is that even though it was written by a dude, the female main character reads true. She never becomes some simpering heroine, who needs to be changed or saved. In her previous life, she was not good with strong arming, but was a great administrator and had pride in her strengths and wished she didn't have her weaknesses (don't we all). She is a character first, who happens to be female. She isn't super hot, super anything, and there's not *too* much going on about her "girlishness" (I still doubt she'd care about what brand her wardrobe is).

I'm happy to have read that O'Malley is working on a sequel.
And the narrator for the audiobook was absolutely phenomenal and I will most likely be listening to this book again.