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Firefly - Piers Anthony I know that going back and rating long-ago-read books is probably a little silly, but this book was seared into my brain as an adolescent.

I picked it up because I was in high school and loving much of Anthony's work (Cluster series, Incarnations of Immortality, Apprentice Adept, etc.. - everything but Xanth) and I saw it at BookStop.

What I found was one was one of the most disturbing novels I'll ever read in my lifetime. An alien uses pheromones to lure in victims to devour them from the inside out. And what follows is all kind of crazy pornographic, over the top "erotica" scenes that were more disturbing than anything else. Oh, and for a dash of pedophilia, a graphic sex scene is included with a small child. No thanks. I haven't read Anthony since.