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Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12)

Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) - Jim Butcher So clearly (well, to me), by the time one gets 12 books into any series, one must clearly like the series.

This series has been solid, and this book fits pretty well. Butcher uses the same device from Dresden's mutterances of "I R Caveman and talk about it, rawr!," to his ability to connect a whole bunch of dots at the perfect moment, to the avalanche endings. I expect these things. I also expect fun characters, great action, and fun plot twists. I got them, too.

But, I still think this is one of the weaker books in the series, despite it, thankfully, filling in some holes. What I didn't like about the book? Some of the regular plot devices Butcher uses just didn't seem to be deployed as well, or cleverly. They fell flat. Cliffhanger ending? Meh. I also didn't like some old tired tropes (omg! I just found out I have a daughter, I must save her now because family is the most important thing evar! rawr!). I don't care for the convenience and soap-opera-y feel that some elements are getting (the whole Maggie thing, the whole Ebenezer thing). I like Thomas, and I just feel like he hasn't been consistently portrayed (yes, he's had major changes in character and storyline, but he's jumping around too much, lately).

Things that really saved it for me? Sanya, Karrin, and Bob, of course. Mouse - always. It wasn't bad, by any stretch, just one of my least favorite books in the series.