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Winter Moon

Winter Moon - Mercedes Lackey, C.E. Murphy, Tanith Lee This book was a collection of three writers - Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, and C.E. Murphy. They all had the moon as a theme to tie them all in together. I got this book because of Lee (in fact, I didn't realize it was three novellas).

Moontide, the first novella, is Lackey's, and I quite liked it. Useless girl-child is sent away by her misogynist father, gets fostered/raised by an awesome woman who trains her ladies to be more than they seem. She uncovers a plot, ends up taking everything for herself. Much love to the strong woman who works (with the help of a magician) to ruin her lord's plans, save the kingdom and win the day.

Tanith Lee's story was second, and I loved it. After being betrayed and asserting her revenge on her betrayers, a young warrior priestess takes an interesting introspective journey and also helps a young man with his spiritual journey. I have a huge love for Lee's writings, and I enjoyed this story as well.

The last one was Banshee Cries by C. E. Murphy. I've never read her stuff nor heard of this author. Apparently it takes place in the same universe as her series, and I just didn't enjoy it. I didn't care for it. It was kind of weak, I didn't care about the characters, and after the two more ethereal/traditional fantasy stories, this urban one just seemed out of place.