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I love mustelid haberdashery, vinho verde wine, and wensleydale with fruit.

Teeth: Vampire Tales

Teeth: Vampire Tales - Tanith Lee, Garth Nix, Ellen Datlow, Catherynne M. Valente, Christopher Barzak, Kathe Koja, Ellen Kushner, Suzy McKee Charnas, Jeffrey Ford, Emma Bull, Terri Windling, Kaaron Warren, Nathan Ballingrud, Steve Berman, Cecil Castellucci, Melissa Marr, Genevieve Valentine, Lu There were two stories I liked in this book, and the rest just bored me (which was disappointing, because I like so many of the authors featured). Maybe it was because the book is a young-adult book and many of them are centered around angsty teens. I don't know, but I couldn't care about most of the characters and I was bored to near tears over most of it.