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Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files, Book 8)

Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher So the Dresden files continue their upward climb of awesomeness. I think it's great that an 8th book can keep a nice tight plot and writing. There isn't as much happening with the A plot as some of the other books, but there are a lot of wider implications being brought into the storyline, so it works well. This really was a solid four star book for me, but Mouse and the line "Fuck that" pumped it up to a 5 star. It helps that Charity, who was already a bad ass, gets to be an even bigger bad ass.

Same stuff as what's been happening. Harry continues his interesting sojourn through the magical world with a cast of interesting fantasy characters (cranky evil fairie aunt, a fallen angel monkey on his back, Knight of the Cross buddy, etc.). This time his friend's daughter is involved, and I liked that not only does her story progress (with that of Harry's), but that inclusion of her also brings more focus on the inner politics of the White Council (which to me are as interesting as the other war stuff). I like that the individual story goes on and ties into the big picture conspiracy/war going on while maintaining a nice balance (the big picture never gets lost, nor does it overwhelm the small "tree" story).