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Incarceron - Catherine Fisher So, I started out really loving this book, and loved it a wee bit less by the time I was done. I think the main problem is that it's not a standalone, you've got to start with the next book (I don't mind series books, but I do mind if I feel like I can't stop)

There are some amazing ideas in this book that I hope get fleshed out in the next. I like the characters well enough (the Warden was actually my favorite, is that bad?).

What I really DID like (and got a chuckle out of) was the idea of the missing prince. And when they do find someone that might or might not be the prince? The general idea is "eh, fuck it, that's the dude we've got so roll with it, regardless of his legitimacy." It was awesome.

I hope that Sapphique closes the story out nicely so I can keep liking this book, instead of getting mad at it, as I'm prone to do to first novels when sequels don't measure up and I feel I can't leave the first book as a standalone.