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A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess So, in the somewhat future, some fine young youth does a lot of violence, goes to prison, gets "rehabbed" by a technique to be only good (and therefore has no freewill and is not really a "man") and is then used by anti-government propaganda, resulting in his near death and is then "rehabilitated" to his "normal" self by the state trying to propaganda back at the other guy... then later on, he sees a friend and decides to have a kid...

I will admit I was probably jaded by the author's forward stating he's not so much a fan of his own work and wishes other stuff had survived better (and that thanks to Kubrick he could never escape this novel).

To be honest? It was boring. Yeah, the use of the slang language was interesting, a bit... the whole look into the futuristic totalitarian state and the removal of the self.. blah blah, it's been done better.