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Black Orchid Blues

Black Orchid Blues - Persia Walker I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads, and I am very happy that I did. I nearly always enjoy the chance to read a book that I don't think I would have normally picked up.

This book was a complete joy to read. The story is engaging, the storytelling is smooth and wonderfully well paced. The book follows Lanie Price, a society column writer, and her journey through a mystery that begins with the kidnapping of a local singer in 1920's Harlem. Ms Price uses fantastic detailing (although not so many descriptions/details that it becomes overbearing) of the time period to entice your mind into the era so that you feel you are there within the story. The mystery has a few twists, as any good mystery should, but some twists are definitely unexpected and all are gratifying - never cheap. Although it does cover some dark subject matter, the story manages to use these dark elements well so even when the plot is shocking it is satisfying at the same time.

I really look forward to more Lanie Price stories, and I enjoyed this book enough to buy the first Lanie Price book Darkness and the Devil Behind Me.