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Claim Me

Claim Me - Tawny Taylor Sophie Durand is a nightclub (Carpe Nocturne) owner. One night a man is found murdered in her club. She then meets a mysterious dude, who turns out to be a vampire and suspected of being the murderer by the secret vampire police (no, really). We discover Sophie is an origo, meaning that she is destined to belong to two masters. Of course, the other master would be one of the secret police.

Cue trying to keep Sophie safe and alive, dealing with the whole thing of both masters being at odds, etc.

This was a very short book, but even then, not much happened. There was a lot of fluff, and a lot of "telling, not showing" which always drives me batshit insane.

I really, really hated the actual writing, and ended up skimming a lot.

It was a lot of informal, almost juvenile writing - the kind that you see on facebook or short, personal emails, except with more exclamation points:

"She was going to do the wild thing in the shower! Happy squeal!"

"Two men. One girl. So hot.
Ha, she hadn't known how hot the reality of it was! It was like a nuclear blast. Kaboom!"

I just expect more out of writing that someone is being paid to do.

Add in that I'm not a fan of S&M (patriarchal attitudes and cultural pressure issues), nor anal, and it was mostly those two things. The sex scenes had little lead up, and little pay off. They were just a lot shorter and less descriptive than I would prefer out of my erotica.

So yeah, not a fan. I give bonus cookies for the actually attempt at a plot, but I would never read this author's work again because of the actual writing.