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The Green Pearl

The Green Pearl - Jack Vance So, I don't know if I've settled into Vance's Lyonesse works better, or if this book is way better, but I enjoyed the hell out of this book - even more than Suldrun's Garden.

In the first book, we meet most of the characters in this book. King Aillas shows up on scene, gets married, takes over a throne and finds his son Dhrun.

In this book, he consolidates his power, finds his lady love, and generally shows himself to be the awesomest king of them all, while simultaneously sticking it to his nemesis (and child's grandfather), King Casimir.

This book is another raucous high-fantasy adventure. Still taking place is a pseudo-medieval pseudo-European way. Still non-stop action and the language is still flowery, descriptive, and funny as hell.

I like the imagery and the imagination. Jack Vance creates a weird world, but not too weird and it's still a metric tonne of fun.

And hilarious - I laughed out loud may times during some of the descriptions and action in the book. I can't wait for the last one of the series.