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Darcy's Voyage: A Tale of Uncharted Love on the Open Seas

Darcy's Voyage: A Tale of Uncharted Love on the Open Seas - Kara Louise Set in the time of Pride and Prejudice, this retelling of the story changes quite a few things. Elizabeth and Darcy meet, not at a ball with his friend renting a house in the neighborhood, but on the close confines of a ship sailing to America. Elizabeth and Darcy meet and get to know each other there, and then, later, when they are back in England.

Pride and Prejudice is partially so awesome because of the scathing critique of the socio-economic culture in place at the time, limiting what people (especially women) can do and say and what they need to do to secure a decent living. That's, obviously, all out the window, so if you also enjoy the whole tortured love story and personalities, then this book is fine.

It's missing quite a bit of the original story, which is fine, but the author tried a little too hard to put every major plot device from the original in this book. Using quotes and situations from the book is fine, and clever, and actually pretty well done, quite a bit of the time. However, she needed to not throw in everything *and* the kitchen sink.

The only real complaint I have (beyond "trying too hard") is that, since Darcy and Elizabeth already know each other and have most of their relationship sorted out, they actually make a pretty boring couple. They don't have the obstacles in place that make the tortured love story interesting, there are just outside forces that nominally trip them up now and again.

All in all, mostly decently written (if it does get a little bogged down in the end) and the author did do a good job with what she was trying to do.

If you don't expect too much out of this novel, it's fine.