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Revolution World

Revolution World - Katy Stauber I was so disappointed in this book.

I got it for a good price (5 or 6$ from Baen’s ebook library), and it seemed like it would be an awesome book. It’s in Texas! As a former Texan, I <3 Texas! It has ninja Pomeranians! giant killer bunnies! fire breathing cows! gene splicing! vampires! villains! good Tex-Mex!<br/>
It was silly, but not silly enough. Or if it were trying to give some sort of message (and it felt like it was) it was sloppily done.

In the future, society has collapsed, and not from the usual suspects of war or other disasters, but from something just as plausible - the collapse of agriculture and the weather through the use of large agribusiness’s genetically modified crops. Malsanto (really? Is that the best name you could think of? Try, for gods’ sakes, try!!) is a large evil agri-corp who is trying to beg/steal/threaten secrets from a small, very successful altruistic gen-mod company in small town Texas. Big security-tech company also moves in, looking to set up an off-site storage branch, and they team up with the girls from the gen-mod company. The military of the Grand Ole Patriot Acting U S of A get involved (with Malsanto) to threaten, steamroll and generally Guantanamo everyone involved into giving up secrets and products.

There’s something of a geeky romance going on, which was OK, not thrilling, not new, but not terribly done.

It could have been rip roaringly fun, but it wasn’t quite there. I’m not surprised to see that it’s this author’s first go. The book is unfocused and rather bloated. There was also a problem with editing (wrong pronouns, etc.). The characters and locale/society are well developed, and there was a lot of potential, this book just didn’t quite get there.

The Pomeranians were cute, though.