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Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles, #1)

Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles, #1) - Kevin Hearne Probably more than a 2, but it doesn't rate a 3 from me.

It's the first in a series, but thankfully is a standalone, so I feel like I got a full story without needing to go back for more, which works, because I've had enough (probably). I got this book because itw as recommended as I love the Dresden Files, but although they're urban fantasy with a *fill in the blank fantasy character type* living in "normal" civilization, they're miles apart.

Atticus O'Sullivan is a 2100+ year old Druid, hanging out in Arizona. He is the owner of some alternative bookstore. He likes bad puns. He (or the author) likes throwing in pop culture references. For a 2100 something year old guy, he sure hasn't grown up much, and feels like a not-quite-grown-up boy.

There were two major things wrong with this book in my opinion:
1. Too much. The author threw in all kinds of mythology from all over the place. I'm sure if there were a kitchen-sink god, it would be in there, too. Sure, it's mostly Celtic mythology, but there are other cameo appearances and I just felt like it made the writing very, very sloppy.
2. Too light. 2100 years old? And the darkest thing is that the character is occasionally paranoid (you know, when the plot calls for it)? I would want/expect something darker. He talks about how living a long time could be tough (watching your loved ones age and die, for example), but it doesn't seem to effect him. I just would expect something more than a dude who acts more like an adolescent. Atticus supposedly has this huge back-story, but at the end of the day, it doesn't seem to affect his character at all, which I find bizarre. And somewhat boring.

There are a couple of characters I like, just as there are a couple of characters I think are a little over the top. It wasn't a terrible book, just not something I see myself continuing to read when there is plenty of other good books around.