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Stalking the Unicorn (John Justin Mallory Series #1)

Stalking The Unicorn - Mike Resnick Stalking the Unicorn was a kicky and very fun little detective novel set in a fantasy universe.

In the story, John Justin Mallory is just another New York City PI who is hired to investigate a missing unicorn. He gets pulled into another New York, a fantastical one, and encounters all kinds of interesting creatures.

In the author's notes, Resnick talks about how this book is sort of an anti-epic-fantasy (ala Tolkein and every other author that loves dramatic wizards in big pointy hats) and he does a great, great job at having fun with fantasy.

Take a stereotypic dark and rainy detective novel, throw in some magical creatures and blend. Strain through a humor filter and you have this book. It's very fun.