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Dairy Queen Days

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Dairy Queen Days - Robert Inman

77 pages in, I said "Bored. Unimpressed. Snooze."

A couple of hundred pages later, and my original opinion has not changed a bit.

It might just be me. I mean, it's Southern lit, and I'm not a Southern lit fan. The dust jacket says "Brimming with the mystery, sadness, an exquisite beauty of youth..." I... guess?

It's a coming of age story mashed up with a midlife crisis, with a lot of family crazy added in for extra flavor. Trout is a preacher's son, 16 years old and dealing with life, when his father decides to have an epic mid-life crisis after his wife is admitted to an institution. Add in the extra dash of "I was a Texas A&M football player" to his midlife crazy and you get your teenager, coming of age while trying to attempt to keep the family "together." After dad goes off of his rocker (the first time), they move to the small town in Georgia where dad grew up, and his family was "made." Cue social responsibilities of being a pseudo-aristocrat while trying to work at a Dairy Queen. In the end, everything is (of course) magically wrapped up, but just a hair not too neatly so we can pretend the book didn't just cheat in the end.

But in the end, I was bored. VERY bored.